This is my personal blog which I use for writing about a wide range of topics relating to aged care. I’m particularly interested in how technology is implemented in nursing homes, and how that will that change in the coming years.

For three years I have been working as a Lifestyle Assistant in a nursing home based in Sydney, Australia. My job consists of running activities such as bus outings and music groups, and also the management of dementia behaviours. I also have experience in tailoring environments for people with dementia, as I recently completed an update of the dementia specialised unit in the nursing home I work at. I am hoping to use this blog as a platform to write about some of the things I’ve learned in my job, and also to share some of the resources I create. 

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who works in aged care and has ideas, stories or just wants to chat about the job. You’re also welcome to join the Facebook group I created for people working in Diversional Therapy in Sydney.

-Leo Clayton